MSP430 UART Configuration

I’m currently am working on a project that requires USART communication between two MSP430’s via an inexpensive RF “link”. I have no experience in developing on the MSP430 and have recognized the importance of documentation from past projects of those first beginning to use a certain platform. The experience from “newbies” is invaluable to those trying to enhance a product and for providing instruction to those who are also just learning. While the results of these notes may not be the best way or the proper way they should be on the level of a reader just starting in the MSP430F169 development.

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Documentation For TI MSP430x1xx Tutorial Series

First off thank you for your interest in this page and hopefully the successive posts. I want to start off saying that I have absolutely no experience with the MSP430 microprocessor and relatively little experience with microprocessors/controllers in general. But I’m writing these articles as a set of MSP430 tutorials to hopefully help others. When I started researching the MSP430 I found a lack of tutorials or at least tutorials that were offering what I was looking for. I didn’t want to just be given some sample code and call that the tutorial as I watch an LED flash. TI’s documentation alone did that for me and they even gave me the sample code. Instead I wanted to know what I needed to look for in the documentation and where to find it. If you google “MSP430 Tutorial,” there is one site that stands out and all the forums point to it as well. But that tutorial seemed very elementary and answered very few of my questions. On top of that the tutorial is drastically incomplete even though the page buttons refer to additional pages and topics. But as you can find in the “forums” the author is looking for additional help and resources and maybe some day theses texts will be mature enough to contribute.

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