The Best of “The Amp Hour” Podcast

The Amp Hour Podcast Logo

The Amp Hour Podcast (Logo)

I listened to my first episode of “The Amp Hour” podcast as I drove from California to Texas on my way back from a summer internship at Sandia National Laboratories back in 2010. Now, that I have found myself commuting two hours everyday I started listening to the show again. Boy has this show come a long ways. Congratulations Chris and Dave! Keep up the great work.

I have had this post in draft for well over a year but I decided that even though it is grossly incomplete I would go ahead and make it live with hopes that I would update it as I come across episodes that peak my interest. With that said, here are some of my favorites that I have kept track of. Personally, I found that I prefer the episodes with guest interviews.

If you are looking for other high quality podcasts to fill your commute and headphones may I also suggest Elecia and Christopher White’s electronics podcast “Embedded”; and Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte’s security podcast “Security Now!”


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