Machine Mixing Cob for Barefoot Builder

Photograph of Christina Ott of Barefoot Builder

Christina Ott of Barefoot builder during her 2012 “Building with Cob Workshop” in Woodbury, Tennessee.

Christina Ott is a natural building consultant and owner/operator of Barefoot Builder, she also happens to be a very good friend of mine.

During the nice sun shining months of summer, Christina offers a number of natural building and permaculture related workshops. Christina hosts workshops at her home base outside Woodbury, Tennessee but she has also held workshops at various locations across the country.

During the summer of 2011, I had the unique opportunity of working with Christina on her “off grid” cob building workshop in Middle Tennessee. The workshop helped our friend Mati Karol, of the Daffodil Meadow Contemplation Center, grow his presence at the meadow.

This summer, Christina invited me back to work with her again as her tractor operator for her 2012 “building with cob” workshop at a different site in Middle Tennessee.  As the tractor operator, I was responsible for machine mixing the ingredients for cob (sand, clay, water and straw) in large quantities and delivering it to the building site as opposed to the labor intensive, but educational, foot mixing method.

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